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Arm-wrestling Equipment

Top-quality products from Mazurenko Equipment, now available in India! Buy the best quality arm wrestling training equipment. 100% original products.

Equipments are divided in two category

1. Armwrestling Table

2. Armwrestling Equipments

1. Handle Eccentric “ULTRA GRIP”

Manufactured by 3D Technique. It perfectly cooperates with a regulated lift. Its special design increases the strength of the wrist and fingers.

Size: 50 mm, 70 mm
Colour: Black, Yellow

Stock: Limited availability

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2. Roll Handle “ULTRA GRIP”

Its is Best to increase the strength of fingers and wrists.

Size: 50 mm, 70mm
Colour: Black, Yellow

Stock: Limited availability

3. Conic Handle “ULTRA GRIP”

Excellent for developing fingers strength and power.

Size: 50 mm, 70 mm
Colour: Black, Yellow

Stock: Fast selling. Order now!

4. Devon’s Larratt Handle

von’s Larrate Handle Yellow
von’s Larrate Handle Black

It is the best equipment for increasing finger muscles and strength.

Stock: Limited availability

5. Armwrestling Handle Grip

Arm wrestling Handle Grip Black Color

Its is Perfectly integrated with conical, eccentric and roller handles.

Stock: Fast selling. Order now!

6. Handles for Windings on Tapes

Handle For Winding On Tapes Black

It is the best for attachment to a regulated pulley. It is specially designed for strengthening the wrist and fingers.

Stock : Limited availability

7. Handles for wrist on Training Belt

Handle For Wrist On Training Belt Black

Comfortably fits with the adjustable lift and free weight.

Stock: Limited availability

8. Straps

Straps Yellow

Its is the main component of arm wrestling. It is used to hold and grip the arms together during arm wrestling strap match.

Colour: Yellow

Stock: Fast selling. Order now!


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2) 100% Payment in advance.
3) Shipping costs: Subject to quantity.
4) Free shipping for orders above INR 20,000.
5) Same price for handles and cones of different sizes.
6) Colours: Subject to availability
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